Personalised T-Shirt Ideas for A Gathering of the Clans

When you have a gathering of the clans, talk to Anagi, we have some memorable personalised T-shirt ideas for you. By ‘gathering of the clans’, of course I mean any family get-together, be it for New Year, Christmas, anniversaries or no particular reason. It’s an ideal time to find out about all those cousins on your mother’s side that you never knew growing up. Or those aunts and uncles you’ve lost touch with.


personalised T-shirt Ideas, gathering of the clans, family reunionOf course, the risk is that you don’t recognise each other. Or maybe you’re introduced to so many unfamiliar faces, you can’t remember who is who. This is one of those occasions where we can come to your rescue.


Personalised T-shirt Ideas to Help You Recognise the Whole Family


An ingenious way to prevent this ‘gathering of the clans’ awkward moment is to use family-specific personalised T-shirts. That way everyone knows exactly who is family, what their names are and who are gate-crashers in for the free booze. Shirts could be made in bright colours to help easily identify family members. Better still, use neutral colours and have the family name printed on them. Either way, it will help tell who is who.


Family Get-Together Souvenirs


Having custom T-shirts made for a family reunion is a lasting way to commemorate your event. T-shirts are practical items that all can wear for years to come, even to future get-togethers. These personalised items not only serve as souvenirs from the gathering of the clans, but they can also give a sense of pride knowing you belong to one, big family. A great keepsake.


Personalised T-shirt Ideas for Design

personalised t-shirt idea, gathering of the clans, family get-together

Having matching t-shirts for your family get-together probably sounds like a great idea. However, before shirts can be ordered, they must be designed. There are lots of different options when it comes to personalising garments:


Style of Garment


Firstly, style, size and colour. Styles can vary, and the best option depends on family preferences. Would they be more comfortable in a V neck, or a regular t-shirt? If too many people have different preferences, consider ordering more than one style. You can see our range of styles and sizes in our online catalogues, catalogue one and catalogue two.


In addition, the T-shirt colour will need to be decided on. Beware, family opinions will need to be considered, so worth asking early.


Graphic Design


The design that goes on the shirt can be whatever you want. For example, the theme of the event could play a part in design. The family might want to include a picture to indicate a cruise or trip to a famous adventure park on the shirt. If reunions are an annual event and the family travels to different places each time, a unique design commemorating the location could be used. However, if a gathering of the clans doesn’t happen that often, a simpler design, perhaps focussed on the family name, could be used.


A Family Catchphrase


Another idea to consider is using a logo, slogan or catchphrase in the design. If there’s a saying that the family knows and uses, that can count as their catchphrase. Or perhaps there’s a family motto that’s been passed down through the years. A slogan like this can be some form of private code that only members of the whole family will understand. This can make a terrific addition to your T-shirt design.


If you’d like help with ordering, personalised t-shirt ideas or other items for a gathering of the clans, contact Anagi any time.


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Blog Posted:  19/12/2017


Posted by: Andy